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AmiUpdate V2.45 released.
AmiUpdate V2.44 released.
AmiUpdate V2.43 released.
AmiUpdate V2.42 released.
AmiUpdate V2.41 released.
AmiUpdate V2.39 released.
AmiUpdate V2.38 released.
AmiUpdate V2.32
AmiUpdate V2.31 released.
AmiUpdate V2.27 released.

From this section you can download the latest stable versions of the software and any accessory archives that may accompany it.

AmiUpdate archive
This archive contains the latest full archive of AmiUpdate 2.34. It is supplied with an installer script for ease of installation. This link provides a convenient way to access the last known stable version. Subsequent updates may be accessed from the automatic version check performed by AmiUpdate itself.

Update Library
If you have been experiencing problems with AmiUpdate, or other peripheral parts, prompting for update.library 53.13, you may download it from here. Please copy the library into your SYS:Libs directory and perform a soft reboot.

Localisation catalogs
Version 2.x now allows translation catalogs to be used which means that non-English speaking users can now have AmiUpdate in their own languages. Currently, the following catalogs are available:

Danish by Niels Bache. ("; echo date("F d Y",filectime("files/catalogs/AmiUpdate_Danish.lha")); echo ")
"; //French by David Monteux. ("; echo date("F d Y",filectime("files/catalogs/AmiUpdate_French.lha")); echo ")
//German by Michael Merkel. ("; echo date("F d Y",filectime("files/catalogs/AmiUpdate_German.lha")); echo ")
"; //Italian by Samir Hawamdeh. ("; echo date("F d Y",filectime("files/catalogs/AmiUpdate_Italian.lha")); echo ")
echo " Spanish by Dßmaso D. EstÚvez. ("; echo date("F d Y",filectime("files/catalogs/AmiUpdate_Spanish.lha")); echo ")
Swedish by Urban ┼hlin. ("; echo date("F d Y",filectime("files/catalogs/AmiUpdate_Swedish.lha")); echo ")

Other translations may be hosted elsewhere, such as

Translation files
Those of you that wish to localise AmiUpdate to your native language will need the files contained in this archive. It includes the catalog description and catalog translation files for both AmiUpdate and the preferences editor. You will then be able to create catalogs for your own language. It was last updated on "; echo date("F d Y",filectime("files/AULocale.lha")); echo ".
Download the translator files here

AmiUpdate icons by Ken Lester Jr.
For those of you that use Ken Lesters excellent icons, this archive contains two replacement icons for the AmiUpdate executable, and a drawer icon. Also included is an AmiUpdate drawer icon in the OS4 style too. Many thanks Ken!

A PGP executable for use with AmiUpdate
Some of the update archives may be PGP armoured for security reasons. This version of the native PGP binary has been proved working with AmiUpdate. PGP is optional and is not required for normal running of AmiUpdate. You need to download and install a full PGP archive then copy this binary over the old one.

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