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gets the boinged seal of approval!, working in partnership with Hyperion Entertainment CVBA, are pleased to announce that we are now the official channel for the distribution of AmigaOS updates.

London, England - 30 November, 2012 is pleased to announce that it has secured the future of official AmigaOS updates by closing a deal with Hyperion Entertainment CVBA to become the preferred mechanism for the distribution of OS updates.

Lead programmer for, Simon Archer, said: "We are very pleased to finally bring this project out to the Amiga community. AmiUpdate has been around for a good number of years and has proven its worth with the 3rd party applications update database, now it is time to use all we have learned from the internal beta updates and apply it to the public Operating System updates. We feel that this completes the usefulness of AmiUpdate, and would like to thank Steven Solie for his cooperation in bringing this to fruition."

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